Car Accident Lawyer

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Even excellent drivers are involved in car accidents. All too often texting-and-driving, drinking-and-driving, distracted driving and reckless driving are responsible for auto accidents in the Windham NY area and beyond.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident as a result of someone else’s conduct, please contact us as soon as possible.  The sooner you contact us the better we will be able to represent you and ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injury.

Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, including helping with your no-fault claim, quickly getting no-fault coverage for your hospital bills and lost wages, and ensuring that you are fully compensating for your injuries.

What Happens Next?

Upon being retained, we will immediately contact our accident reconstructionist to visit the accident site and document the cause of the accident. This information will be used in negotiations with the insurance carrier or at trial. We will also obtain witness statements as quickly as possible for optimal accuracy.

What About Insurance Company Calls?

Be careful when you receive a call from an insurance agent or representative of the insurance company shortly after a car accident.  Their interests are different than your interests.  They would like to pay you as little as possible for your injury, and to get a release for their insured’s bad driving decisions.

During these initial calls, they will likely attempt to get a statement from you that may hurt your case if you reject their settlement. You should be fully compensated for all your injuries resulting from the bad driving decisions of the person that has caused your injuries and potentially changed your life forever. Leave the talking to insurance companies to your lawyer.

Please call today for a free consultation if you have been injured in a car accident. If you have questions or would like to discuss the details of your auto accident, call us at 518-734-4400 or schedule a free consultation.

Why Windham Legal?

We know you have many choices when hiring a car accident lawyer. This is what sets up apart from many other personal injury firms:

  • Your case will be handled by a trial attorney with over 30 years of trial experience.
  • We are a small firm offering personal attention to your case. We do not take hundreds of cases and relegate your case to a paralegal. We limit the number of cases we accept so that your case will get personalized attorney attention.
  • You will have access to an attorney who will answer your calls promptly, provide a personal cell phone number and guide you through the process step-by-step.
  • We do not enter into immediate negotiations with insurance companies to get “quick settlements.” Early negotiations with insurance companies do not get you maximum compensation for your injury.
  • Our strategy is aggressive to reduce your waiting time for maximum compensation. And if your case goes to trial, you have the benefit of Kevin Maldonado’s over 30 years of trial experience.