Windham Legal: Community Involvement

We’re Not Just Lawyers. We’re a Part of The Windham, NY Community.

Windham Legal supports community empowerment and will consider providing pro-bono representation for just and proper causes. Our first pro-bono project will be to file a lawsuit against the major cellphone providers to require and force full cell service in our entire mountaintop area.

Our team is also committed to non-legal community support in the Windham, NY area. We are partnered with WRIP on a major fund raiser for Saint Jude’s during Windham’s 2019 Autumn Affair. Our goals are to raise a hefty $75-100K for this wonderful cause. In addition, Annie Jakubowski engages in a range of community involvement, and is an active supporter of the Windham Community Food Pantry.

Kevin Maldonado realizes just how important emergency services are in every community. After attending a CPR training class offered by the Community of Windham, he installed an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on the front of Windham Legal’s office building for emergency use by anybody in need. Learn more about the new AED in The Mountain Eagle article below.


Windham Legal Raises Money Towards St. Jude's Children's Hospital at Windham's 25th Autumn Affair

Windham, NY, celebrated its 25th annual Autumn Affair on October 12th and 13th, 2019. Hundreds of visitors attend this yearly event where Windham showcases the area and what it has to offer. The fair featured local crafts, food, entertainment, kid-friendly activities, and more. Live music filled the air as the Ryan Clark band played in front of Windham Legal’s porch. Windham Legal held a putting challenge where all proceeds will go towards St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Windham Legal Believes Your Vote Matters

When two local candidates for Windham Town Supervisor and Town Council were endorsed by the Windham Democratic Caucus on July 25th, they expected that their Party Chairman would carry out the will of the voters and get their names on the ballot for this year’s election. That was not what happened. Indeed, the candidates believe that the Town Democratic Party Chairman delayed filing required documents to make sure their candidacy would be rejected by the Greene County Board of Elections. Attorney Kevin Maldonado and the team at Windham Legal have secured a NYS Supreme Court decision to hold a hearing at 10:15 AM on Wednesday, September 11th to make sure the voters’ will is carried out by those entrusted to do so.

“The issue at hand is not political. Party doesn’t matter, democracy matters, and the fact that democracy is being stomped on” – Kevin Maldonado, Esq.

Supreme Court Document
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Windham Legal installs AED on Main St. for 24/7 Access

Article written by Jonathan Ment. Originally published in The Mountain Eagle on July 12, 2019

WINDHAM – When it comes to saving a life, seconds matter.  In Windham, the Community of Windham Foundation is working to ensure more people are trained to respond to an emergency, and more Automatic External Defibrillators or “AEDs” are available when one occurs – that includes inspiring others to purchase the devises to make them even more widely available.

For Attorney Kevin Maldonado at Windham Legal on Main Street, making an additional Automatic External Defibrillator available to the public was a natural follow-up to the training he recently received from the community organization.

“I looked and found there really weren’t any available to the public on the street,” said Maldonado, whose office at 5394 Main St./State Route 23 is across the street from Key Bank and the Windham Theater.

“The more we promote it the more people understand,” said Maldonado, who purchased a very user-friendly unit that even someone with-out training should be able to use.

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Windham Legal Office Sign

Windham Hose Company No. 1

After purchasing the original Windham, NY firehouse, Kevin Maldonado completely renovated the building, top and bottom. He also saved the original “Windham Hose Company No. 1” sign from the top of the building and re-dedicated it to the Fire Department on January 19, 2019.

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